Northwest Portland Guesthouse

European-style lodging in the heart of Portland, Oregon


Northwest Portland Guesthouse recognizes the importance of an ongoing commitment to environmental, socio-cultural, and economic responsibility.

We have implemented policies and procedures that address waste reduction, reuse of goods, recycling, wastewater management, environmentally sensitive purchasing, energy efficiency, and other issues that affect the resources of our planet.

We make every effort to encourage recycling and to prevent waste from reaching the landfills. We provide blue recycling bins in each room and in social areas. The bins are clearly labeled to make recycling an easy task for everyone. Our staff is well trained in sorting recyclables from non-recyclables to make sure the recycling program is successful.

We use low flow faucets, shower heads, and toilets to reduce water usage. Since our guests don’t expect laundry service each day when staying on, we cut down on washer and dryer use, and water and detergent. We are committed to use environmentally sensitive cleaning supplies, laundry detergents, and dish soap, and low energy lights where practical. We provide post-consumer recycled toilet paper and pay attention to minimize paper usage in our daily operations, for example, we use both sides of paper.

We encourage all our guests to use public transportation when staying with us. Upon check-in, each guests gets a brief explanation on Portland’s great public transportation system (trains are free in the downtown area!) and we offer a free link on our Internet kiosks to look up bus, light rail, and streetcar schedules. If you need a car, please consider using a car-sharing service. Zipcar offers a discount to our guests.

Our staff is well trained to provide information on locally owned restaurants and businesses to encourage patronage. We provide a folder with menus of restaurants within walking distance. Our local events display boards are updated three times per week to provide the most accurate information on things to see and do in Portland.